Lent 3 Homily

30 A

Yes, Which Commandment of all the Commandments is the Top One? Jesus answers – Not one, but Two:  Love God and Love your Neighbor.  The two are inseparable.  Distilling the Torah to a radical unity remarkable because the Torah (the Law) consists of 613 commandments248 Must Do’s 365 Must not do’s.

Jesus’ response is anchored in the Bible of his heritage one verse from Deuteronomy, the other from Leviticus.  Jesus says in effect:

“Whenever you are faced with a moral choice, you need consider only two laws.
Two Love commandments decide which choice is good.”

Because Love of Neighbor arises out of love of God.  Creation mirrors the glory of God,   Nothing more so than a human person – made in God’s image. Jesus silences the Pharisees.  The Law and the Prophets- rooted in love, a truly daunting task – it is the only task that counts!

Try as we do to evade the responsibility to Love Neighbor by pointing out that some are utterly unlovable –that is a feeling and that is not the issue.  The Lord’s concern is how are we treating them.  Love is something we do – not think or say or feel!

The  grace of the Eucharist give us a change of heart so that faith in a God of love enables us to act justly toward everyone.